"Welcome to The Music NFT Show with J. Thorn - The first weekly news podcast dedicated to all things music in web3. Let's f*****g go!"

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The Week in Web3 Music Featuring Emily Lazar of September Mourning // 12-26-2022

Quick summary: Music NFTs defy the 2022 bear market, Atlantic wades into the web3 pool, Cragun & Allan meet the Criteria, and horns up with Emily Lazar of September Mo...

The Week in Web3 Music Special Episode Featuring Jason Feifer and “Build for Tomorrow” // 12-19-2022

Quick summary: A special episode guest broadcast by Jason Feifer of the “Build for Tomorrow” podcast episode from September 29, 2022.

The Week in Web3 Music Featuring Mak // 12-12-2022

Quick summary: Talking about music NFTs with Mak, Sound.xyz turns 1, Warner Music joins the party, and J. hearts Belladonna.

The Week in Web3 Music Featuring Terra Naomi // 12-05-2022

Quick summary: Talking about the web3 journey with Terra Naomi, Daniel Allan’s fans are dancing, and forget the bear market - music NFTs are thriving.

The Week in Web3 Music Featuring a Conversation with Joanna Penn // 11-28-2022

Quick summary: The Italian Invasion, the new crypto creator economy, hanging with LNRZ (pronounced “loners”), and a conversation with my friend Joanna Penn.

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