"Welcome to The Music NFT Show with J. Thorn - The first weekly news podcast dedicated to all things music in web3. Let's f*****g go!"

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The Week in Web3 Music - Thoughts on NFT.NYC 2022 // 06-27-2022

Quick summary: Diversity of style in web3 music, the NFT.NYC experience, and fresh, new music NFT platforms.

The Week in Web3 Music Featuring Coopahtroopa // 06-20-2022

Quick summary: An interview with Coopahtroopa, Token Traxx launches, why collecting NFTs beats vinyl.

The Week in Web3 Music // 06-13-2022

Quick summary: Record labels digging their own grave, dinner with Mariah Carey, music NFTs to the next level with Peter Saputo.

The Week in Web3 Music // 06-06-2022

Quick summary: Coopahtroopa’s Music NFT 100, NFT anarchy from the Sex Pistols, and the beautiful descent into Camp Chaos.

The Week in Web3 Music // 05-30-2022

Quick summary: Cooper Turley explains his venture into web3 music. 'Ooh La La' working on a music NFT streaming platform. Snoop Dogg/Gary V collaboration announced at ...

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