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The Week in Web3 Music // 06-06-2022

Quick summary: Coopahtroopa’s Music NFT 100, NFT anarchy from the Sex Pistols, and the beautiful descent into Camp Chaos.

The Week in Web3 Music // 05-30-2022

Quick summary: Cooper Turley explains his venture into web3 music. 'Ooh La La' working on a music NFT streaming platform. Snoop Dogg/Gary V collaboration announced at ...

Interview with Nigel Eccles of

Quick summary: Nigel Eccles joins J. Thorn to discuss and the state of web3 music.

The Week in Web3 Music // 05-23-2022

Quick summary: Venice Music Collective is coming. Syng explores triphonic audio. LimeWire inks deal with UMG for NFT licensing.

The Week in Web3 Music // 05-16-2022

Quick summary: Fanzo and BlockchainBrett bullish on music NFTs, Madonna teams up with Beeple, and Instagram support for NFTs.

Welcome to The Music NFT Show with J. Thorn

"Welcome to The Music NFT Show with J. Thorn - The first weekly news podcast dedicated to all things music in web3. Let's f*****g go!"

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