Projects & Songs

These are the projects I'm supporting and the songs I've minted.


CHAOS (Songcamp)

The Chaos project by Songcamp is one of the most innovative, and exciting projects in web3. They're doing things with audio and visual art that has never been done before, and would have been impossible to do before the advent of the blockchain. I own a "pack" that I unwrapped to enjoy my four songs (embedded below). I'm also in their Discord server and hope to be part of the next camp.

From the project creators: Chaos is a headless band consisting of 80 artists including musicians, visual artists, engineers, writers, operatives + more. Over six weeks, the Chaos musicians created 45 distinct songs — rotating into new bands of 3 musicians every 2 weeks. The visual team generated 100s of unique visual layers that, when randomly sorted, create 1-of-a-kind cover artworks along a rarity spectrum. These sonic and visual pieces are combined to form a collection of 21,000 music NFTs — each containing one of the 45 songs plus a 1-of-a-kind cover artwork.

WE ARE KLOUD (Soundmint)

One of the first generative music projects of its kind, WE ARE KLOUD is an ultra-cool music collection enhanced with generative art. Using AI to mix up the traits, each KLOUD is a unique representation. I'm in the Soundmint Discord and have even participated in their Beat Battles. Soundmint continues to drop high-quality, music NFTs.

From the project creators: SoundMint NFTs are the generative combination of musical stems and visual layers, seamlessly blending into beautiful audiovisual pieces via our proprietary algorithm.

Squad of Knights

The brainchild of Illmind the Producer (2x Grammy Winning, Drake, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Disney’s Moana, Hamilton, Netflix, Black Panther + more.), Squad of Knights is a community of musicians, producers, and fans who are creating their own space in the this world and the metaverse. Holders can take advantage of contests, IRL meet-ups, and full-on collaborations.

From the project creators: The Squad Of Knights NFT project is a collection of programmatically generated “squad knights” representing the creative and the curious. Knight holders gain access to an on-going series of highly curated experiences and events, focused on helping members nurture long lasting relationships in music, design and the creative arts.

Uke Heads

From ukele maestro, James Hill, Uke Heads is a fun and creative project attempting to bridge the gap between web2 and web3. You can purchase a Uke Head with fiat (traditional currency) and then have Hill's team airdrop you the NFT. The community lives in Slack, and holders get to participate in the creation of an album of music. No uke experience required!

From the project creators: Uke Heads is part community, part album. Everyone who owns a Uke Head is invited to play and sing on James' new album, Uke Heads. Every Uke Head is unique, each with up to 6 traits (eyes, mouth, hat, etc.). With over 170 trait variations and an untold number of possible combinations, no two Uke Heads are the same. There’s no telling which Uke Head you will find most beautiful (each to their own!), but some are more rare than others.


Bridges by Oshi (from Beat Foundry)

Ziggurats by Mike Shinoda

Cotton Candy Skies by Pip on


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